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A woman is an adult female human. Prior to adulthood, a female human is referred to as a girl (a female child or adolescent). The plural women is sometimes used in certain phrases such as "women's rights" to denote female humans regardless of age. Typically, women have two X chromosomes and are capable of pregnancy and giving birth from puberty until menopause. Female anatomy is distinguished from male anatomy by the female reproductive system, which includes... Wikipedia

Articles tagged women

  • December 1st 2021
  • Black woman councillor quits Labour over racism and bullying – as another threatened with expulsion for complaining

  • How Oxford is building a trans-inclusive Council

  • The guns are gone, but misogyny still stalks Northern Ireland

  • November 30th 2021
  • Mums in politics: pulled in all directions, judged and damned whatever we do

  • It is crunch time for humanity. We need everyone to start leading like a woman

  • November 29th 2021
  • Act of Disappearance – Part 1

  • Victims of sexual violence let down by UK asylum system, report says

  • November 28th 2021
  • Nadine Dorries criticised for doubting Stanley Johnson grope claim

  • Beatrice Wishart challenges media on reporting violence against women and girls

  • Fury as Nadine Dorries rejects fellow Tory’s groping claim against PM’s father

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