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  • November 30th 2022
  • Rishi Sunak to face PMQs as fresh strikes take place and more health workers vote for industrial action – UK politics live

  • November 29th 2022
  • Closing “loopholes” in windfall tax would raise £17bn, Labour research reveals

  • November 18th 2022
  • Are you satisfied with Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement?

  • November 17th 2022
  • The Guardian view on Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement: setting a trap for Labour

  • All you need to know as living standards set for biggest fall on record

  • Hunt’s modest environmental goals show party is out of tune with voters

  • Statement is 'a balanced plan for stability, growth and public services', says Hunt

  • Reeves: UK being “held back” by Tory “mistakes” and needs “serious” plan

  • £1.5bn more for Scottish Government budget but UK 'is now in recession'

  • Chancellor extends energy windfall tax to ‘low carbon’ generators

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