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  • August 7th 2020
  • How our local party developed an educational programme on antisemitism

  • August 5th 2020
  • Labour seeks urgent assurances for pupils facing predicted exam results in England

  • Islamophobia surges amid lockdown warn civic leaders in north of England

  • Schools 'should be first to open, last to close'

  • July 29th 2020
  • Ireland isn't really a utopia – it's just its neighbour is a gurning claptrapocracy

  • July 24th 2020
  • Evaluating the true purpose of universities

  • July 23rd 2020
  • Labour would 'rescue any university going bust'

  • July 22nd 2020
  • The Education Secretary is spreading pointless myths about free speech on campus

  • July 21st 2020
  • Full list of MPs who voted against the NHS being protected from foreign control in Brexit trade deals

  • Cuts to university targets in England are insulting to working-class people like me

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