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Mr William Wragg

  • Parliamentary Name
    Mr William Wragg MP
  • Parliament
    British Parliament
  • Constituency
    Hazel Grove
  • Party

Articles tagged william wragg

  • May 17th 2022
  • Full list of MPs who voted down a windfall tax on gas giants that could hand families £600

  • April 24th 2022
  • Boris Johnson No Confidence Vote

  • 'Strong case' for Boris Johnson to remain PM as he has 'plenty more fuel in the tank' despite partygate row, Tory chairman Oliver Dowden says

  • Boris Johnson clings to office like chewing gum to a shoe but he is becoming unstuck

  • Lords rally to protect independence of UK’s Electoral Commission

  • April 22nd 2022
  • Downing Street parties: Boris Johnson to return from India with his leadership under increasing strain following partygate row

  • Johnson’s continued leadership of the Tory Party is now firmly out of his hands

  • April 21st 2022
  • Authority of Boris Johnson damaged as own MPs say ‘gig’s up’

  • 'No question' of PM quitting, regardless of demands for him to go, says minister - as India tour continues

  • The maths done, the Partygate amendment sank as MPs shrank from the indefensible

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