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The Government of the United Kingdom, formally referred to as Her Majesty's Government, is the central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The government is led by the prime minister, who selects all the other ministers. The prime minister and their most senior ministers belong to the supreme decision-making committee, known as the Cabinet. The government ministers all sit in Parliament, and are accountable to it. The... Wikipedia

Articles tagged uk government

  • February 25th 2021
  • MPs row over who controls Wales' 'levelling up' cash

  • Holyrood 'will not be clobbered or cuddled by Westminster', says junior minister

  • No 10: no panic over threat to UK and Union Unit continues alongside PM's new strategy committee

  • Leaving Hong Kong after China's clampdown: where are people thinking of going and why? – The Conversation Weekly podcast

  • SNP set for Holyrood majority despite dip in independence and Sturgeon support

  • Alister Jack: Westminster's Scottish investment plans 'true devolution'

  • February 24th 2021
  • UK Treasury to control Wales' 'levelling up' fund cash

  • UK Government to spend millions in Scotland without Holyrood say-so

  • Greece in talks with UK to allow holidays with vaccine passports

  • Brexit-backing Sunderland says it is not receiving same level of funding outside EU

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