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The London Economic (TLE) is a digital newspaper that rose to prominence during the 2017 United Kingdom general election when it ran the most-shared political story on social media. While it focuses on UK political affairs, it also has Business, Economics, Food, Sport, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel and Property pages... Wikipedia

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  • May 13th 2021
  • Quelle surprise! Cameron had ‘big economic investment’ in Greensill Capital...but won't say how much

  • Take note, Boris: Mario Draghi, Italy's prime minister, will waive his salary

  • Tory via video link urges end of virtual Parliament as Rees-Mogg flags up MPs’ coats ban to defend voter ID

  • EU citizens without settled status detained on arrival to the UK

  • Boris Johnson adviser tells TLE what made Tory manifesto successful

  • Jersey caves to France as Paris blocks financial services deal amid fishing row

  • Can't pay we'll take it way! Best reactions to Johnson's county court judgment over debt

  • Johnson's county court judgement is over alleged defamation - reports

  • Brexit has cost Britain nearly £16 billion since 2016, experts estimate

  • Poll of 15,000 people reveals: PM should not be referred to as 'Boris'

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