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A tax is a compulsory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed on a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a governmental organization in order to fund government spending and various public expenditures (regional, local, or national), and tax compliance refers to policy actions and individual behaviour aimed at ensuring that taxpayers are paying the right amount of tax at the right time and securing the correct tax allowances and tax reliefs... Wikipedia

Articles tagged tax

  • May 29th 2023
  • A 2% tax on UK rich list families ‘could raise £22bn a year’

  • May 28th 2023
  • Delays to driving licences as DVLA workers announce 15 days of strikes

  • May 27th 2023
  • Energy companies making 'war profits' - Reeves

  • May 26th 2023
  • Spending gap warning: Scots tax hikes unlikely 'to yield large amounts of revenue'

  • May 25th 2023
  • Woking Borough Council: Government steps in over £2bn debt

  • Robison hints at cuts as she warns of spending 'deprioritisation' to tackle cash gap

  • Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says he is 'willing to do what it takes' when asked about future energy support

  • May 23rd 2023
  • IMF’s anti-tax cut stance may give Rishi Sunak cover to resist Tory right

  • Rishi Sunak thinks voters don’t care about his vast wealth, but the pollsters aren’t so sure

  • Viral video shows how public being ripped off by ‘pitiful’ Shell tax contribution

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