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A street is a public thoroughfare in a built environment. It is a public parcel of land adjoining buildings in an urban context, on which people may freely assemble, interact, and move about. A street can be as simple as a level patch of dirt, but is more often paved with a hard, durable surface such as tarmac, concrete, cobblestone or brick. Portions may also be smoothed with asphalt, embedded with rails, or otherwise prepared to accommodate non-pedestrian... Wikipedia

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  • January 24th 2022
  • What were the Covid rules at the time of Boris Johnson’s 2020 birthday?

  • Johnson hit with fresh lockdown party claims ahead of Sue Gray report

  • Boris Johnson ‘had birthday party indoors during lockdown’

  • UK minister quits with blast at government’s coronavirus fraud handling

  • Boris Johnson’s many challenges – and how Tory MPs aim to capitalise

  • Q+A: What we can and cannot expect from the investigation into British prime minister Boris Johnson

  • The time Sue Gray fired me

  • Reeves: “Big swathe of nationalisation” would not be “good value for money”

  • Boris still believes he didn't break the rules as Westminster awaits Gray

  • Scrap national insurance rise, says ex-minister David Davis

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