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Scottish independence

Scottish independence (Scots: Scots unthirldom; Scottish Gaelic: Neo-eisimeileachd na h-Alba) is the political movement for Scotland to become a sovereign state, independent from the United Kingdom. Scotland was an independent kingdom through the Middle Ages, having won wars of independence against England. The two kingdoms were joined in personal union in 1603 when the Scottish King James VI became King James I of England, and the two kingdoms united... Wikipedia

Articles tagged scottish independence

  • May 10th 2021
  • Alex Salmond suggests UK Government could use 'shadow organisation' to challenge Indyref2 in court

  • May 9th 2021
  • Supporters of the Union must accept Sturgeon's referendum mandate

  • Gove - Majority voted for parties opposed to a second independence referendum

  • Paper round up - How the papers covered the SNP's election win as 'mandate for independence' dominates headlines

  • Gove rejects Indyref2 as 'massive distraction' - but refuses to say if government would seek to block a vote in court

  • May 8th 2021
  • Nicola Sturgeon’s nationalists retain power in Scotland

  • May 7th 2021
  • Poll shows independence low on Scots' priority list but SNP has widespread trust of voters

  • What to expect from today as counting begins across Scotland

  • May 5th 2021
  • Poll predicts SNP could lose out on majority ahead of election day

  • May 4th 2021
  • POLL: Who do you think won the BBC Leaders' Debate?

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