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The Scottish Government (Scottish Gaelic: Riaghaltas na h-Alba, pronounced [ˈrˠiə. əl̪ˠt̪əs nə ˈhal̪ˠapə]) is the devolved government of Scotland. It was formed in 1999 as the Scottish Executive following the 1997 referendum on Scottish devolution. The Scottish Government consists of the Scottish Ministers, which is used to describe their collective legal functions. The Scottish Government is accountable to the Scottish Parliament, which was also created by the... Wikipedia

Articles tagged scottish government

  • October 6th 2022
  • Covid inquiry to start 'listening' project in December despite resignations

  • Holyrood committee backs self-declaration for transgender people

  • Fife greyhound racing track should be shut down 'immediately', says MSP

  • JK Rowling wears T-shirt calling Nicola Sturgeon ‘destroyer of women’s rights’

  • JK Rowling wears t-shirt accusing Nicola Sturgeon of 'destroying women's rights'

  • Holyrood committee backs gender reforms that 'will not remove women's rights'

  • Swinney agrees to December 15 Budget despite 'exceptionally challenging timeframe'

  • Bereaved Angus man says outgoing Covid inquiry chief Lady Poole lacked 'empathy'

  • Two freeport bids have been selected behind closed doors – so what’s the delay?

  • October 5th 2022
  • Scottish ministers refuse to confirm if King asked for rent freeze bill changes

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