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The Scottish Government (Scottish Gaelic: Riaghaltas na h-Alba) is the devolved government of Scotland. The government is led by the first minister, who selects the cabinet secretaries, who attend cabinet, and ministers with the approval of parliament. Government ministers all sit in parliament, and are accountable to it. The government is dependent on parliament to pass primary legislation. The government was established in 1999 as the Scottish Executive under... Wikipedia

Articles tagged scottish government

  • November 28th 2020
  • Coronavirus: Latest Covid-19 figures released as case numbers approach 100,000

  • SNP promise to provide free breakfast and lunch to all primary school pupils in Scotland

  • Keith Brown’s address to #SNP20 conference — Scottish National Party

  • Covid: Calls for unified approach to student testing after Christmas amid fears of university outbreaks

  • Scottish universities appeal for sustainable funding in 2021 budget

  • Scottish independence never been so certain, Sturgeon to tell SNP

  • Tom Gordon: Salmond inquiry block shows the need for Holyrood reform

  • Sturgeon: Scotland 'on cusp of making history' with independence 'in clear sight'

  • November 27th 2020
  • Liam Kerr: Scotland's legal profession deserves better than it's getting from SNP

  • Claim drop in number of criminal lawyers due to fall in crime 'total nonsense'

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