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Medical royal college

In the United Kingdom, some Commonwealth realms and Ireland, a medical royal college is a professional body in the form of a royal college responsible for the development of and training in one or more medical specialities... Wikipedia

Articles tagged royal college

  • March 29th 2023
  • How public sector pay offers differ in England to Scotland and Wales

  • March 28th 2023
  • Treasury will find extra cash to fund NHS pay offer, says Jeremy Hunt

  • Teaching union says it hopes future strikes won’t disrupt exams but won’t rule it out – UK politics live

  • March 25th 2023
  • 6 Weeks with the NHS…

  • Union leader urges TUC to unite in defying planned anti-strike law

  • March 24th 2023
  • Three-day strike by Scots junior doctors looms in May 'unless Govt acts on pay'

  • March 22nd 2023
  • SNP leadership race: Five key challenges Scotland's new first minister will face as Nicola Sturgeon's successor set to be announced

  • March 21st 2023
  • Pat Cullen says government’s NHS pay deal is final offer

  • March 20th 2023
  • Nurses in Scotland accept new pay offer - but warn strike action not off the table

  • March 19th 2023
  • Health union members ramp up campaign to reject ‘paltry’ pay deal

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