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A road map, route map, or street map is a map that primarily displays roads and transport links rather than natural geographical information. It is a type of navigational map that commonly includes political boundaries and labels, making it also a type of political map. In addition to roads and boundaries, road maps often include points of interest, such as prominent businesses or buildings, tourism sites, parks and recreational facilities, hotels and... Wikipedia

Articles tagged road map

  • April 20th 2021
  • Johnson announces drive for simple Covid treatments amid concerns of third wave

  • March 28th 2021
  • Moderna jabs in April, minister confirms amid fears over lockdown delay

  • March 21st 2021
  • Watch: Brexiter MP says 'Labour and the SNP will vote for any old authoritarianism these days'

  • March 20th 2021
  • Covid: Plan unveiled to 'spruce up' coastal areas and high streets

  • March 1st 2021
  • Covid-19: PM defends border measures to prevent Brazilian variant entering UK

  • Congregation cap on worshippers should be scrapped, church leaders urge

  • February 28th 2021
  • COVID-19: No chance of earlier lockdown release, chancellor tells Sky News

  • February 25th 2021
  • Who is on BBC Question Time tonight?

  • February 24th 2021
  • COVID-19: Face masks may not be needed indoors over summer, deputy chief medical officer suggests

  • February 23rd 2021
  • JENNY HJUL: Impact of vaccines cuts no ice with locked-in-to-lockdown Sturgeon

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