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A referendum (plural: referendums or referenda) is a direct vote by the electorate on a proposal, law, or political issue. This is in contrast to an issue being voted on by a representative. This may result in the adoption of a new policy or specific law, or the referendum may be only advisory. In some countries, it is synonymous with and also known as plebiscite, votation, popular consultation, ballot question, ballot measure, or proposition. Some definitions... Wikipedia

Articles tagged referendum

  • March 30th 2023
  • Under Humza Yousaf the forces that polarised Scotland are weakening

  • March 28th 2023
  • Can the SNP stomach another independence setback?

  • Brexit caused sky-high food prices, says Bank of England expert

  • March 27th 2023
  • Humza Yousaf, the SNP’s new leader, faces an uphill battle

  • Humza Yousaf must work to prevent his coalition of support from splintering

  • Humza Yousaf to ask Rishi Sunak for Indyref2 powers 'right away'

  • March 15th 2023
  • Ukraine war: how the west's weak reaction to Crimea's referendum paved the way for a wider invasion

  • March 13th 2023
  • Referendum the price of SNP support for Labour government, leadership hopefuls say

  • Ash Regan — Scottish National Party

  • March 12th 2023
  • Yousaf opens door to snap Holyrood election in bid to achieve independence

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