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A referendum (plural: referendums or less commonly referenda) is a direct vote by the electorate on a proposal, law, or political issue. This is in contrast to an issue being voted on by a representative. This may result in the adoption of a new policy or specific law, or the referendum may be only advisory. In some countries, it is synonymous with or commonly known by other names including plebiscite, votation, popular consultation, ballot question, ballot... Wikipedia

Articles tagged referendum

  • December 9th 2022
  • 'Every day Scotland's democracy is denied, the stronger our case will grow': SNP pushes Sunak over democratic route to indyref2

  • SNP step up indy route demands on PM as party take more combative approach

  • December 7th 2022
  • Support for Scottish independence surges on the back of Supreme Court ruling

  • Is Nicola Sturgeon losing her grip on the SNP?

  • Support for independence jumps to 56 per cent in wake of Supreme Court ruling

  • December 5th 2022
  • Spending £20m on Indyref2 'not prudent' pro-UK business group tell Swinney

  • December 4th 2022
  • Blackford denies being pushed out by SNP MPs

  • December 3rd 2022
  • Alex Cole-Hamilton: 'Nicola Sturgeon’s de facto referendum 'arrogant'

  • December 2nd 2022
  • Starmer pledges 'change within the UK' for Scotland if he becomes PM

  • December 1st 2022
  • Polling suggests drammatic swing to Labour in Scotland

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