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A people is a plurality of persons considered as a whole, as is the case with an ethnic group or nation... Wikipedia

Articles tagged people

  • December 1st 2020
  • A Labour government will deliver on our mission to end the HIV epidemic

  • Our Covid tier system needs a rethink. It should be about support, not restrictions

  • Catriona Stewart: Why I can't quite celebrate Scotland's new period poverty bill

  • MPs claim 'haphazard' Foreign Office merger leaving Scottish flagship staff 'in limbo'

  • November 30th 2020
  • Sturgeon pins election hopes on Boris and Brexit

  • Hayley Matthews: Nicola Sturgeon distances herself from SNP conference host

  • The Snake In The Long Grass

  • Nicola Sturgeon’s address to #SNP20 conference

  • Nicola Sturgeon confirms party will campaign on another independence referendum

  • Scotch egg to the rescue: minister says it can be 'substantial meal'

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