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In UK politics, the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) is the parliamentary party of the Labour Party in Parliament: Labour MPs as a collective body. Commentators on the British Constitution sometimes draw a distinction between the Labour Party (which was created outside Parliament and later achieved office) and the Conservative and Liberal parties (which began as parliamentary factions). The term Parliamentary Labour Party refers to the party in Parliament... Wikipedia

Articles tagged parliamentary labour party

  • November 27th 2020
  • What do the latest NEC results say about Black male representation in Labour?

  • November 26th 2020
  • Motions on Corbyn whip suspension “will be ruled out of order”, local parties told

  • November 25th 2020
  • Battle over Corbyn whip suspension intensifies as legal process begins

  • November 23rd 2020
  • Labour chief whip tells Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for antisemitism claims

  • Labour left furious at plan to block Corbyn ally from becoming NEC chair

  • November 20th 2020
  • Jewish Labour Movement pauses engagement with party

  • November 19th 2020
  • Suspension of Corbyn’s Labour whip is for three months but reviewable

  • Analysis: Starmer believes Corbyn's expulsion from PLP is a test of his leadership

  • WATCH: Decision not to restore whip to Corbyn a “witch-hunt”, says McCluskey

  • Tories handed free pass as Labour is engulfed by civil war

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