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In modern politics and history, a parliament is a legislative body of government. Generally, a modern parliament has three functions: representing the electorate, making laws, and overseeing the government via hearings and inquiries. The term is similar to the idea of a senate, synod or congress and is commonly used in countries that are current or former monarchies. Some contexts restrict the use of the word parliament to parliamentary systems, although it is... Wikipedia

Articles tagged parliament

  • July 2nd 2022
  • Support for Steve Bray shows extent of opposition towards ‘Soviet-style’ policing bill

  • July 1st 2022
  • These Senedd reforms will ensure devolution is fit for the future

  • Sturgeon is unlikely to get an early referendum, but be warned: the threat is not going away

  • June 30th 2022
  • UK trade deal with Australia amounts to ‘offshoring’ pesticide use, MPs warn

  • Banning babies from parliament shows just how out of touch Westminster is

  • MPs should not bring babies into Commons, says cross-party review

  • June 29th 2022
  • Scottish independence: Will indyref2 be a re-run of 2014?

  • Defence spending: Will the government break its promise?

  • Scottish independence: what has changed since the last referendum

  • Stop Brexit Man back in Westminster despite facing prosecution

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