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  • November 11th 2021
  • A Brexit trade war with the EU could backfire on Boris Johnson

  • November 7th 2021
  • Brexit swipes £17bn off UK trade with EU in 3 months – watchdog finds

  • November 1st 2021
  • Budget 2021: Chancellor Rishi Sunak denies raising taxes to cut them before next election to win votes - but says reducing burden is 'goal'

  • October 31st 2021
  • Mr Sunak, rising taxes and soaring prices do not add up to an Age of Optimism

  • October 30th 2021
  • Brexit is harming the UK economy, say 44% of voters

  • October 29th 2021
  • Budget 2021: Wales levelled down says Dodds

  • Tory minister mocked after saying he’s ‘quite happy’ about Brexit even though economic impact will be twice as bad as pandemic

  • Boris Johnson has ended the age of austerity – but his party isn't on board

  • Prof Prem Sikka: The Chancellor’s budget is a continuation of the government’s class wars

  • The Tories know that the NHS timebomb means taxes must rise further still

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