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National Insurance

National Insurance (NI) is a fundamental component of the welfare state in the United Kingdom. It acts as a form of social security, since payment of NI contributions establishes entitlement to certain state benefits for workers and their families. Introduced by the National Insurance Act 1911 and expanded by the Labour government in 1948, the system has been subjected to numerous amendments in succeeding years. Initially, it was a contributory form of... Wikipedia

Articles tagged national insurance

  • September 22nd 2021
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  • September 21st 2021
  • UK facing “Tory winter of discontent” with tax rises and cuts, Labour says

  • Boris Johnson seeks to calm fears over tough winter

  • Very difficult winter ahead for many, warns Kwasi Kwarteng

  • September 20th 2021
  • Cancel Universal Credit cut in light of rising energy prices, Miliband says

  • Labour will create a new Child Poverty Reduction Unit in Number 10

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