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  • October 6th 2022
  • ‘Omnifactional warfare’: the view from within the Liz Truss-era Tory party

  • ONS: wholesale cost of gas has falled by 60% since August. Govt has no excuse for inaction

  • Avanti should run more trains or lose contract – Manchester mayor

  • The best course left to the Tories is to oust Liz Truss – and install a caretaker leader

  • Exclusive – 65 MPs and organisations call for the ‘meat requirement’ to be removed in school meals

  • October 5th 2022
  • Right-wing hacks and pols gnash their teeth after Sultana sails through trigger ballots

  • Tory party drops strategist behind Boris Johnson’s 2019 election sweep

  • A chaotic conference fractures Liz Truss’s young premiership

  • Truss takes aim at ‘anti-growth coalition’ on final day of turbulent conference

  • The Guardian view on Liz Truss’s speech: stoking conflict in place of argument

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