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Member may refer to: Military jury, referred to as "Members" in military jargonElement (mathematics), an object that belongs to a mathematical setIn object-oriented programming, a member of a classField (computer science), entries in a databaseMember variable, a variable that is associated with a specific objectLimb (anatomy), an appendage of the human or animal bodyEuphemism for penisStructural component of a truss, connected by nodesUser (computing), a person... Wikipedia

Articles tagged members

  • January 28th 2023
  • Faction of Tory members feel 'disconnected' after being 'denied a vote' when Rishi Sunak became PM, ex-party chair says

  • January 27th 2023
  • Hancock’s Handsome Holiday Pay, Corbyn Goes Cap in Hand and Lee’s Elite Meal Ticket Seen Elsewhere Quote of the Day Guidogram

  • January 26th 2023
  • Speaker calls for ‘increased level of scrutiny’ on All-Party Parliamentary Groups

  • January 25th 2023
  • Big win for workers as PCS secures 10%+ deal

  • Luton airport staff secure 28% pay rise

  • Abellio bus drivers enter 20th day of strike action

  • Levelling Up Civil Servants Take the Biscuit Seen Elsewhere Quote of the Day Guidogram

  • Starmer has taken Labour members with him on Europe

  • Amazon workers to stage first ever strike in the UK in dispute over pay

  • January 23rd 2023
  • Prince Harry is wrong: unconscious bias is not different to racism

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