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Lisa Nandy

  • Parliamentary Name
    Lisa Nandy MP
  • Parliament
    British Parliament
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Articles tagged lisa nandy

  • January 24th 2022
  • Reeves: “Big swathe of nationalisation” would not be “good value for money”

  • January 23rd 2022
  • Most of UK’s levelling up taskforce based in London, figures reveal

  • January 20th 2022
  • Labour Whips Know a Thing or Two About Intimidation Seen Elsewhere Quote of the Day Guidogram

  • Tory MPs regrouping post-defection? The Labour leadership is relaxed about it

  • January 17th 2022
  • England's north-south divide worsening, new report says

  • January 14th 2022
  • New study reveals ideological hypocrisy in judging lockdown breaches

  • January 13th 2022
  • Boris Johnson does not believe he broke Covid rules at party, says minister

  • January 12th 2022
  • The People Who Would Free The North

  • January 9th 2022
  • Labour starts briefing Corbyn’s departure to hostile press

  • January 2nd 2022
  • November Review: Sleazegate, COP-out and Peppa Pig World Seen Elsewhere Quote of the Day Guidogram

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