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Labour Party Conference

The Labour Party Annual Conference, the annual national conference of the UK Labour Party, is formally the supreme decision-making body of the Party. The conference is traditionally held on the final week in September during the British party conference season when the House of Commons is in recess, after the Liberal Democrats and before the Conservative Party have held their conferences. Labour is one of few British parties to use their annual gathering for... Wikipedia

Articles tagged labour conference

  • September 22nd 2021
  • As Keir Starmer heads to conference, what is Labour’s answer to levelling up?

  • Brighton should be a springboard for Labour’s bid to win the next election

  • Why is Keir Starmer trying to rewrite Labour leadership rules?

  • 'Deeply undemocratic' Starmer plunges Labour into 'new civil war'

  • Unusual reporting quirk spotted as Starmer looks to shake up Labour leadership vote rules

  • September 21st 2021
  • Sharon Graham: Unite leader to skip Labour conference

  • Climate catastrophe: why firefighters need a Socialist Green New Deal

  • Labour Party facing 'civil war' over Sir Keir Starmer's leadership vote reforms

  • Starmer warned Labour leadership rule changes risk 'civil war'

  • Starmer seeks changes to leadership elections, MP reselections, policy-making

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