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Kyiv ( KEE-yiv, KEEV; Ukrainian: Київ, pronounced [ˈkɪjiu̯] ) or Kiev ( KEE-ev) is the capital and most populous city of Ukraine. It is in north-central Ukraine along the Dnieper River. As of 1 January 2021, its population was 2,962,180, making Kyiv the seventh-most populous city in Europe. Kyiv is an important industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center in Eastern Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education... Wikipedia

Articles tagged kyiv

  • May 17th 2022
  • Homes for Ukraine: refugees being left homeless, UK community groups warn

  • May 15th 2022
  • Russia likely to have lost third of its Ukraine invasion force, says UK

  • May 14th 2022
  • Bring on the platinum jubilee … but what will happen to Britain’s monarchy in the decades to come?

  • “Britain at its best is a beating heart of progress” – David Lammy’s full speech

  • May 13th 2022
  • Russia-Ukraine war: Zelenskiy repeats call to speak to Putin; failed Donbas crossing shows pressure on Russian forces, says UK – live

  • May 12th 2022
  • Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin 'humiliating himself on the world stage', says Liz Truss as she calls for allies to do more for Kyiv government

  • Ukraine: ordinary Russian soldiers face war crimes charges but the big fish are likely to avoid punishment – here's why

  • May 11th 2022
  • Eurovision: If Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra triumph it won't be a sympathy vote, says an expert

  • Ukrainian propaganda: how Zelensky is winning the information war against Russia

  • May 10th 2022
  • Queen’s speech: Boris Johnson ‘bereft of ideas’ to tackle cost of living crisis

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