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Articles tagged king charles

  • October 6th 2022
  • Liz Truss has a farcical plan: blame the ‘anti-growth coalition’ for 12 years of Tory failure

  • October 5th 2022
  • Scottish ministers refuse to confirm if King asked for rent freeze bill changes

  • Liz Truss's month of mayhem: From bumpy rides to Balmoral to bumpier battles in Birmingham

  • Truss’s policy on environment seems to be: don’t think about it

  • Liz Truss: what her Conservative party conference speech revealed

  • Truss heckled as she delivers first conference speech as Tory leader

  • COURIER OPINION: Ian Hamilton's legacy will live on in Perth when the Stone of Destiny returns home

  • October 4th 2022
  • Karl, Karel or Karol? The translation confusion over King Charles III's name, explained

  • King vets Scottish rent freeze legislation

  • COP27 hosts Egypt issue warning over UK climate action following Glasgow summit

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