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Jeremy Corbyn

  • Parliamentary Name
    Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP
  • Parliament
    British Parliament
  • Constituency
    Islington North

Articles tagged jeremy corbyn

  • January 24th 2022
  • The right’s attack on Michael Rosen – and the questions they are ignoring

  • Countdown to 2022 local elections about to begin

  • January 23rd 2022
  • Tuesday’s NEC vote to reinstate Corbyn on knife edge

  • January 21st 2022
  • Reeves’ speech showed the impact of Covid and Corbynism on Labour thinking

  • Sir Keir enjoys the vetting process

  • UK Labour says Boris Johnson ‘incapable of leading’ in Ukraine crisis

  • January 20th 2022
  • The BBC is so much more than a subplot in the Tory soap opera

  • Labour can’t afford to turn its nose up at defectors. To win, it needs them

  • Labour now the pro-business party, says Labour's Rachel Reeves

  • Reeves blames Corbyn for party’s financial collapse – and says member exodus is a good thing

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