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  • May 16th 2022
  • Boris Johnson visits Belfast, saying he does not want to ‘scrap’ NI protocol – UK politics live

  • May 12th 2022
  • PM orders ministers to plan 90,000 civil service job cuts but union warns of 'reckless slash and burn'

  • Downing Street breached Covid rules on “record-breaking scale”, Rayner says

  • EU warned about 'school ground tit-for-tat' over post-Brexit deal tussle

  • May 9th 2022
  • Starmer Copies Blair’s Tactic of Pressuring Police to Make Right Conclusion Seen Elsewhere Quote of the Day Guidogram

  • May 6th 2022
  • Let me introduce you to the plan for London’s latest eyesore – the slab

  • May 5th 2022
  • Bank of England to ‘help’ ‘cost of living’ crisis – greed crisis – by making mortgages unaffordable for many

  • Too Many Politics Shows are Chasing Too Few Viewers Media News List Quote of the Day Guidogram

  • May 4th 2022
  • Elsie: All-Round Superstar Seen Elsewhere Quote of the Day Guidogram

  • Defensive Starmer chokes at chance to own the curry

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