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The secretary of state for the Home Department, otherwise known as the home secretary, is a senior minister of the Crown in the Government of the United Kingdom. The home secretary leads the Home Office, and is responsible for all national security, policing and immigration policies of the United Kingdom. As a Great Office of State, the home secretary is one of the most senior and influential ministers in the government. The incumbent is a statutory member of... Wikipedia

Articles tagged home secretary

  • December 9th 2022
  • Nimco Ali: Adviser to step down to avoid serving under Braverman

  • Home Office adviser Nimco Ali appears to quit by criticising Suella Braverman

  • 'Completely different planets' - government adviser quits because of home secretary's views on women's rights

  • UK government backs plan to criminalise sexual harassment in street

  • Justin Welby criticises ‘cruelty’ and ‘harmful rhetoric’ of UK asylum policy

  • Government has “total lack of grip” on asylum system, Yvette Cooper says

  • December 8th 2022
  • Government backs making public sexual harassment a criminal offence

  • Suella Braverman is spoiling for a fight on human rights – one that undermines this whole government

  • December 7th 2022
  • Albanian ambassador calls for end to 'campaign of discrimination' - claiming Albanian children are being 'bullied' at school

  • December 6th 2022
  • UNHCR says report on asylum seekers from right-wing think tank backed by Suella Braverman contains ‘critical factual and legal errors’

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