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  • October 31st 2020
  • Labour's day of reckoning

  • October 30th 2020
  • 'Save Christmas' with Covid lockdown in England, experts say

  • October 28th 2020
  • The Guardian view on Westminster and devolution: cede real control

  • October 27th 2020
  • Coronavirus: Tesco among supermarkets accused of failing to enforce COVID-19 face covering rules by Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham

  • October 26th 2020
  • Coronavirus: Northern Tory MPs demand 'roadmap out of lockdown' in letter to Boris Johnson

  • NHS short of over £1bn for Covid second wave and onset of winter

  • October 25th 2020
  • Reminder: That Andy Burnham has been donating 15% of his salary to charity since 2017

  • Labour take lead in polls following disastrous week for the government

  • Mayors are a force for good

  • October 24th 2020
  • Coronavirus: Senior Conservative MP and Johnson ally calls for Dido Harding to be axed from Test and Trace role

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