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Glasgow (UK: GLA(H)Z-goh, GLA(H)SS-; Scots: Glesca [ˈɡleskə] or Glesga [ˈɡlezɡə]; Scottish Gaelic: Glaschu [ˈkl̪ˠas̪əxu]) is the most populous city in Scotland and the fourth-most populous city in the United Kingdom, as well as being the 27th largest city by population in Europe. In 2020, it had an estimated population of 635,640. The city was made a county of itself in 1893, prior to which it had been in the historic county of Lanarkshire. The city now forms... Wikipedia

Articles tagged glasgow

  • January 27th 2023
  • Trans rapist prison case ‘must not lead to blanket rule’, says campaign group

  • Scottish Government could hit councils with financial penalties for sacking teachers

  • Placing transgender rapist in women's prison 'a shambles', says former governor

  • January 26th 2023
  • Glasgow metro and Edinburgh trams funding decisions delayed until the spring

  • Blat, the Soviet art of getting by, comes to Britain

  • Natalie McGarry embezzlement conviction appeal to take place next month

  • Scottish councils 'wasted money, time and effort' bidding for Levelling Up funds

  • Trans woman found guilty of rape will not be held in women’s prison, says Sturgeon

  • Sturgeon confirms plans to block councils from cutting teacher numbers

  • Trans rapist to be moved to male prison as Sturgeon opposes stay at female jail

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