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George Eustice

  • Parliamentary Name
    George Eustice MP
  • Parliament
    British Parliament
  • Constituency
    Camborne and Redruth
  • Party

Articles tagged george eustice

  • February 24th 2021
  • As public rhetoric around Brexit subsides, it seems the DUP does want a ‘dynamic alignment with the EU’

  • February 13th 2021
  • Scottish ministers call for UK support for whisky industry

  • February 12th 2021
  • From Farage's flotilla to rotting exports – it's the story of Brexit, in fish

  • February 11th 2021
  • Healthy way to help end seafood sector woes and make blame game irrelevant

  • February 9th 2021
  • The Guardian view on benefits: the £20 uplift must stay

  • £23m compensation scheme opens for Brexit-battered fishing firms

  • 'Sticking plaster': Seafood firms can bid for share of £23m fund

  • Carmichael calls for George Eustice to resign over seafood export ban claims

  • ‘Alarming increase in abuse of gamekeepers’ requires action

  • All visitors to UK set to have to undergo two Covid tests to protect against import of virus variants

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