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Gary Lineker

Gary Winston Lineker (born 30 November 1960) is an English sports broadcaster and former professional footballer. Lineker is the only player to have been the top goalscorer in England with three clubs: Leicester City, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. He also played for Barcelona in Spain, and won 80 caps for England. He finished his career as England's second top international goalscorer. He has presented the BBC's flagship football show, Match of the Day... Wikipedia

Articles tagged gary lineker

  • May 27th 2023
  • Right-wing ramp up ideological war on civil servants

  • May 23rd 2023
  • Make way for Westminster’s biggest celebrity: Suella ‘three points’ Braverman

  • May 9th 2023
  • They call it ‘projection’ but it’s a grand deception. And it’s Sunak’s only hope of staying in power

  • May 2nd 2023
  • The Richard Sharp affair has exposed a total lack of competence among BBC top brass

  • April 30th 2023
  • After Sharp saga, demands that ‘cronyism and sleaze’ must not taint next BBC chair

  • April 28th 2023
  • Richard Sharp was Boris Johnson’s toxic legacy – never again should politicians pick a boss for the BBC

  • Gary Lineker says government should not appoint BBC chair

  • Richard Sharp: BBC chairman resigns over report into appointment

  • BBC chairman Richard Sharp resigns

  • April 24th 2023
  • It’s Raab’s rightwingers versus the Blob, the wokerati and the snowflakes – and you’ve been drafted

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