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  • January 15th 2021
  • Catriona Stewart: You can tell a man by his shopping basket. What do school food parcels tell us about Tories?

  • January 14th 2021
  • Schools in England told not to provide free school meals at half-term

  • Sketch: Johnson hams it up for Starmer and needles SNP over Oxford jab

  • January 13th 2021
  • Marcus Rashford calls for urgent review of free school meals system

  • PMQs sketch: Naught for your comfort food as Boris chews the fat

  • Starmer hits back at PM's 'Rashford' jibe

  • Fresh U-turn over free school meals as Labour criticises guidance on parcels

  • Free school meals: Education secretary 'disgusted' by images - as Rashford says he's spoken to PM

  • January 12th 2021
  • Free school meals: Minister demands 'urgent improvement'

  • What is the Tories’ problem with feeding children?

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