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  • November 30th 2020
  • EHRC board member under scrutiny over social media use

  • JLM conference: Starmer’s frustration and Rayner’s warning to members

  • The Conservatives are hollowing the state and consolidating power: democracy is at stake

  • November 29th 2020
  • Labour antisemitism must be confronted – with nuance, clarity and empathy

  • Labour could change rules to welcome back those who quit over antisemitism

  • Rayner says “thousands” of Labour members may be suspended from party

  • November 28th 2020
  • Both sides of Labour's internal war need to start focusing on a vision for Britain's future

  • November 27th 2020
  • Labour appoints Jane Ramsey to lead on new independent complaints process

  • November 26th 2020
  • Jeremy Corbyn to start legal action over suspension of Labour whip

  • Motions on Corbyn whip suspension “will be ruled out of order”, local parties told

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