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A committee or commission is a body of one or more persons that is subordinate to a deliberative assembly. Usually, the assembly sends matters into a committee as a way to explore them more fully than would be possible if the assembly itself were considering them. Committees may have different functions and their types of work differ depending on the type of the organization and its needs... Wikipedia

Articles tagged committee

  • August 9th 2020
  • The enduring tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

  • August 8th 2020
  • Internal disputes 'risk to SNP success' - Sturgeon

  • August 7th 2020
  • 'Completely potty' to deploy navy to tackle migrant crossings

  • Ex-Labour staffer accuses party of "shocking sabotage" of Corbyn

  • Observations of an expat: If Biden wins

  • EXCLUSIVE: Green Party figures demand answers after suspension of party chair secretly overturned

  • Conference agenda now available

  • August 6th 2020
  • Scottish Government cites 'legal privilege' for failure to hand over documents to MSPs investigating probe into Alex Salmond's behaviour

  • MPs launch inquiry into Channel migrant crossings

  • MPs to investigate surge in migrants crossing Channel in small boats

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