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Climate change

Contemporary climate change includes both the global warming caused by humans, and its impacts on Earth's weather patterns. There have been previous periods of climate change, but the current changes are more rapid than any known events in Earth's history. The main cause is the emission of greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. Burning fossil fuels for energy use creates most of these emissions. Agriculture, steel making, cement production... Wikipedia

Articles tagged climate change

  • January 24th 2022
  • Climate change: More drilling for North Sea gas is an unrealistic strategy for bringing down energy prices, Alok Sharma says

  • January 22nd 2022
  • Britain’s newest immigrants are showing a flair for protest

  • January 20th 2022
  • Net zero targets could cause more unrest and division than Brexit, Tory MP warns

  • January 19th 2022
  • Most 2019 Tory voters think low-income people are worse off since last general election, says report

  • January 18th 2022
  • Northern Ireland’s plan for the environment ‘weak and flawed’

  • January 17th 2022
  • Climate change is creating security threats around the world – and militaries are responding

  • January 15th 2022
  • Plans to protect England's national parks set out

  • Expensive energy is baked into Britain’s future

  • January 7th 2022
  • Does Scotland need new nuclear power stations as Hunterston B shuts down?

  • January 6th 2022
  • Trust in the PM is shattered: this is the perfect time for Labour to define itself

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