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The Cabinet Office is a department of the Government of the United Kingdom responsible for supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet of the United Kingdom. It is composed of various units that support Cabinet committees and which co-ordinate the delivery of government objectives via other departments. It currently has just under 8,000 staff, some of whom work in Whitehall. Staff working in the Prime Minister's Office are part of the Cabinet Office... Wikipedia

Articles tagged cabinet office

  • October 31st 2020
  • Downing Street launches Covid lockdown leak inquiry

  • Boris Johnson may decide to bring forward announcements on lockdown plans after details leaked

  • Data and governance - The sad tale of Britain’s Government Digital Service

  • October 29th 2020
  • Tories set up special channels for “VIPs” to win lucrative PPE contracts

  • October 28th 2020
  • Brexit preparation: Michael Gove slates Scottish ministers

  • Tories could fund 24 million free school meals with Covid consultancy fees

  • October 21st 2020
  • Brexit: 'It was a wasted 23 minutes of my life' as Business leaders slam ‘pointless’ call with PM and Gove

  • October 20th 2020
  • British business frustrated by 20 minute Brexit call with government

  • Private Eye | Church News: The end is Nye

  • Watch: Theresa May scornfully reacts to Michael Gove's Brexit security plan claims

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