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Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. A person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism. Antisemitism may be manifested in many ways, ranging from expressions of hatred of or discrimination against individual Jews to organized pogroms by mobs, state police, or even military attacks on entire Jewish communities... Wikipedia

Articles tagged antisemitism

  • November 30th 2020
  • JLM conference: Starmer’s frustration and Rayner’s warning to members

  • November 29th 2020
  • Labour antisemitism must be confronted – with nuance, clarity and empathy

  • Rayner says “thousands” of Labour members may be suspended from party

  • November 28th 2020
  • Both sides of Labour's internal war need to start focusing on a vision for Britain's future

  • November 27th 2020
  • Labour MPs and members ordered not to discuss Corbyn's suspension

  • Labour appoints Jane Ramsey to lead on new independent complaints process

  • November 23rd 2020
  • Labour chief whip tells Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for antisemitism claims

  • November 22nd 2020
  • Labour infighting inquiry ‘damaging Starmer’s position’

  • November 19th 2020
  • Politicised Labour process let Corbyn back in, says Anneliese Dodds

  • November 18th 2020
  • Labour in fresh turmoil as Starmer refuses to restore whip to Corbyn

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