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Afghan (Pashto/Persian: افغان) refers to someone or something from Afghanistan, in particular a citizen of that country. The pre-nation state, historical ethnonym Afghan was used to refer to a member of the Pashtuns. The earliest mention of the name Afghan (Abgân) is by Shapur I of the Sassanid Empire during the 3rd century CE, In the 4th century the word "Afghans/Afghana" (αβγανανο) as reference to a particular people is mentioned in the Bactrian documents... Wikipedia

Articles tagged afghans

  • September 21st 2021
  • Afghanistan: Taliban face many obstacles to governing – not least their violent methods

  • September 16th 2021
  • New poll shows Scots back faster asylum process for 3,000 Afghans

  • September 13th 2021
  • Afghanistan: women are at the forefront of protests against the Taliban

  • September 11th 2021
  • 9/11 anniversary: 'I could have told you 10 years ago what would happen in Afghanistan', says former Black Watch soldier

  • September 10th 2021
  • Afghanistan: Britain should respect its responsibility to Afghan people

  • September 6th 2021
  • Afghanistan: PM pledges not to abandon UK allies left behind

  • September 5th 2021
  • Afghanistan: Boris Johnson to face MPs over handling of crisis

  • Boris Johnson to tell MPs he will ‘do right by’ UK Afghanistan veterans

  • Afghanistan: Boris Johnson to use 'every economic, political and diplomatic lever' to help those left behind by UK

  • September 3rd 2021
  • Afghanistan: UK needs to engage with Taliban given 'new reality', says Dominic Raab

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